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Academic Partnership With The Canada College Vancouver

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Academic Partnership With The Canada College Vancouver

Zurich City Business School (ZCBS) in collaboration with Canada College Vancouver (CCV) presents students with an exciting pathway programme that opens the door to a world-class degree. Students embark on their journey in their home country where they will complete the first year of their studies at our Global Education League International Campus before moving on to CCV for an exciting Year 2, using credit transfer, and then to Vancouver Community College (VCC) to complete their studies, Years 3 and 4, to obtain their Degree.

Our drive and motivation are to understand global employment demands and technological changes, and to work with universities to identify appropriate study programmes and opportunities that will allow universities and students to flourish within these changing environments.

Our academic pathway programme and benefits to students
Students embarking on this academic pathway programme will take a simple yet stimulating route to obtaining their degree. The course is endorsed and validated by Zurich City Business School and Canada College Vancouver, making it a dual Swiss and Canadian course.

How it works:
Students begin the journey by completing the ZCBS 1-Year Diploma course in their home country at a ZCBS Global Education Centre. The following phases of the programme then take students directly to our partner institution (CCV), where, through the Partner Articulation Agreement, they continue their studies in Hospitality Management with Coop (nine months paid work experience). The Year 2 transfer to study at CCV will enable students to experience North American cultural and working life. This year of study offers the triple benefits of learning, working, and earning. Students enrolled on CCV’s Diploma in Hospitality Management plus Coop programme can work part time. The duration of the Coop programme is 38 weeks (9 months), and students can work up to 40 hours a week (20 hours as a student, and 20 hours as the Coop). On completing Year 2 with CCV credential, students will benefit from a block credit transfer of 30 credits. Upon a successful completion of VCC’s 10 bridge term courses, students will be eligible to enter Semester 5 of the Bachelor of Hospitality Management Degree programme at VCC.
Study at VCC for the degree programme allows international students to work up to 20 hours weekly part time during a semester, and full time during semester breaks. For example, working part time for the whole year – 50 weeks – the student can generate up to $15000 each year.

Higher education in Canada encompasses college and university. Year 2 at CCV offer students the unique opportunities of learning and personal growth. Your days will be filled with career-focused learning in a very practical way. Throughout the entire year, students are engaged in social integration and exposed to various skills from an international perspective. Students will be exposed to a mix of quality education, work paid coop programme that helps them integrate into a labor force, culture adaptation and social policies, hence giving them the advantage of fully living the Canadian life experience.

A huge advantage of this academic pathway programme is the savings per annum realised when students complete Year 1 in their home country. Students are able to follow part of the course (Year 1) in their home country, enabling a huge saving for themselves and their family. According to Statistics Canada, for the year 2019/20, average tuition fees for undergraduate international students were CA$29714 (US$22,500) per annum. An estimated CA$15,000 per annum would be needed for housing, food and other living expenses, giving an approximate total of CA$44, 714 (US$35,291) per annum. Completing the first year in their home country greatly reduces that cost for students.

Canada is an immigrant country and is always looking for immigrants to come in and help build the nation. That in essence, along with its world class degrees, makes it a preferred study destination for international students. It is a safe destination with a welcoming and multicultural environment.

According to the Canadian Immigration policies, after graduating from a Canadian degree programme, international students are eligible to apply for an open work permit, known as the Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP), allowing them to work full time with any employer anywhere within Canada. Later, subject to some criteria, they are eligible to apply for a permanent residence.

The Government of Canada has a new International Education Strategy (IES) vision for 2019-2024: Over the next five years, the new International Education Strategy aims to diversify the education sector, boost Canada’s innovation capacity, promote global ties and foster a vibrant Canadian economy. As mentioned earlier, graduates of a degree programme are eligible to file for a Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP), an open work permit that leads to the possibility of filing for Permanent Residency.

About Canada College Vancouver
Canada College Vancouver is an innovative student focused institution delivering practical, flexible, innovative, and engaging real-world education through competency-based outcome driven academic and English language programmes in a rich multicultural learning environment.
We believe that is important to meet the educational needs of our students by delivering programmes that are valued and meet the needs of our local, global, and employer communities.

We provide outstanding opportunities for students to live and learn in Canada, and, in turn, transform their lives. We aim to deliver high-quality programmes and training that allow students to achieve their learning objectives. We support students in discovering and participating in an ever-changing community and world.

Canada College Vancouver is certified by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advance Education, B.C., which administers the Private Training Act.

Canada College Vancouver meets The Education Quality Assurance (EQA) designation. The designation is available to public and private institutions in British Columbia that meet or exceed quality assurance standards set by the province of Canada.
Welcome to our Faculty of Hospitality!

Our Hospitality career programmes deliver a solid theoretical and practical foundation that equips you to travel and work anywhere in the world by strengthening your position in the industry. Our dedicated industry professionals will help you to grow and build on your skills.
Our students gain a strong foundation in key management areas in hospitality, to include front office operations, revenue management, and security and loss prevention. Our course is also designed to help develop your leadership potential. Participation in our Coop programme means you can add Canadian work experience to your resume, as you gain the knowledge and skills necessary for potential successful employment in this expanding and fast-growing industry.