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Your future is just around the corner. Each one of Zurich City Business School career programs has been crafted with direct input from employers on our Advisory Boards to ensure you will graduate ready to meet the demands of the 21st century real world. Below is the categorized listing of the many programs offered at Zurich City Business School. To investigate the program further, simply click on the program name

Business Management Award

Business Management Certificate

Business Management Diploma

Business Management Higher Diploma

Certificate in Strategic Business Management

Diploma in Strategic Business Management

Advanced Diploma in Strategic Business Management

Executive MBA

Bachelor of Business Administration

21st Century Skills

Cyber Security

Data Scientist

Cloud Architect

AI & Machine Learning

Big Data Architect

Block Chain

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Digital Marketing

Tourism and Hospitality Award

Tourism and Hospitality Certificate

Tourism and Hospitality Diploma

Tourism and Hospitality Higher Diploma

Housekeeping Operations Management Certificate

Housekeeping operations management Diploma

Food and Beverages Certificate

Food and Beverage Management Diploma

Food Safety Certificate