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About Us

As it is well said by a great CEO that in the modern world rather than searching for jobs, to succeed one has to create a job for oneself. We are well aware of the fact that everyone has certain set of skills, if developed, nourished and channelized in the right way, can do wonders. In the modern changing world job opportunities are available to those who are ready to face new challenges and perform roles which are even outside their job profile. Thus, we at Zürich City Business School (ZCBS) make achievers into leaders.

At ZCBS, we thrive to help students use their theoretical knowledge and skills into calibrating with modern world’s needs. Our pursuit is to help students achieve their academic goals with professional experience.

With the rapidly dissolving geographical borders, we at ZCBS motivate students from different corners and cultures of the world to become competent and even more than that to develop a sense of social responsibility.

At ZCBS, we feel that everyone is a leader and a thinker, but educated and scholarly students who are creative and brilliant can contribute far more valuable things to the world then the students who are only creative and brilliant. They tend to express themselves more clearly, and they have a passion to follow their thoughts. We as an academic institution support students to understand their goals and help them acquire the right skills to achieve them.

We are firmly committed to excellence in every discipline of education whether it may be economic, scientific, social or cultural. We are looking forward to have more international students and develop a wide range of cultural diversity which will provide students the platform to blend into different cultures, and make them competent to work and succeed in any part of world.