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One of the basic purposes of Zurich City Business School is to preserve, augment, critique, and transmit knowledge and to foster creative capacities. A community of students and faculty who are free to exercise independent judgment in planning achieves these purposes and executing their educational responsibilities in an environment designed to allow maximum effectiveness, within a framework of School governance. Such a governance framework is routed in the following principles:

1. Genuine respect for the dignity of each member of the School, both by the School itself and by each member of the community, is the basic cornerstone governing all activities.

2. The purposes of School governance are be to promote the pursuit of knowledge and the appreciation of the intellectual value of knowledge and to enhance the quality of School life for all members of the community; and, to these ends, to protect and promote the individual rights of all members of the School community.

Based on these principles Zurich City Business School design policies, which are conducive to the students and Faculty members in the intellectual environment, which the ZCBS cultivates.


The purpose of the Academic Council is to establish, monitor, review, certify, and advise on policies and procedures, which will ensure high and consistent academic standards of education throughout the. It will prosecute this responsibility by

· Reviewing curriculum and degree program requirements;

· By adjudicating exceptions and deviations from standard procedures in particular instances or special circumstances;

· And by advising the ZCBS management on ways to maintain and improve the quality of education at the school.

The Academic Council shall concern itself both with quality control aspects of the ZCBS academic programs and with ways to promote the development of academic excellence in the unique context of professional graduate education. At the request of the Provost, the Academic Council shall also provide advice and assistance in formulating, revising and clarifying the educational mission of the School.