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Academic Partnership With The Canada College Vancouver

Canada College Vancouver is an innovative student focused institution delivering practical, flexible, innovative, and engaging real-world education through competency-based outcome driven academic and English language programmes in a rich multicultural learning environment.

We believe that is important to meet the educational needs of our students by delivering programmes that are valued and meet the needs of our local, global, and employer communities.

We provide outstanding opportunities for students to live and learn in Canada, and, in turn, transform their lives. We aim to deliver high-quality programmes and training that allow students to achieve their learning objectives. We support students in discovering and participating in an ever-changing community and world.

Canada College Vancouver is certified by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advance Education, B.C., which administers the Private Training Act.

Canada College Vancouver meets The Education Quality Assurance (EQA) designation. The designation is available to public and private institutions in British Columbia that meet or exceed quality assurance standards set by the province of B.C.in Canada.

Partnership and Association with University of Gibraltar

Zurich City Business School (ZCBS) and University of Gibraltar have teamed up to present students with a cost-effective and exciting opportunity to earn a world-class degree though our pathway programme. Students start their studies in their home country where they will complete the first year of their studies at our Global Education Centre before moving on to University of Gibraltar.

We are keen to understand global employment demands and technological changes and identify the appropriate responses that will allow universities to flourish within the new rules of the game.

Our academic pathway programme and benefits to students

The Academic Path is a simple route of study which sees students starting off with the 1-Year Diploma course in their home country at a ZCBS Global Education Centre. The following phases of the programme, Years 2 and 3 takes them directly to the partner university (Gibraltar) to continue their studies and obtain their Degree. Once students complete the first year they can do the credit transfer and complete the remaining two years in the University of Gibraltar

About the University of Gibraltar

The University of Gibraltar offers its students high quality, in-person teaching and UK-aligned standards in a unique, safe and multicultural location.

Gibraltar’s vibrant economy and unique location at a cultural, historical and biogeographical crossroads, makes it the perfect place to make connections, gain valuable industry insight and enjoy an unforgettable university experience.

By choosing to study with us, you will join a dynamic community designed to make you feel welcome and safe during your studies. You will also become a valued member of our growing on-campus community that will give you the support you need to succeed.

In line with the UK Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) requirements, experienced, external examiners from the UK regularly audit all University of Gibraltar degrees.

Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory often described as a piece of Britain in the sun. This means you can expect the same standards and values of a British university education within a warm, Mediterranean location that enjoys up to 300 days of sunshine a year.


Zurich City Business School is now Global Quality Assurance System Certified!

The GQAS (Global Quality Assurance System Organisation) is an independent, non-profitable international organisation who promote worldwide quality assurance and commercial standards. Specifically, the GQAS standard is an international recognition given to organizations who implement a rigorous and effective quality assurance management system.

In order to achieve the GQAS certification, The Zurich City Business School has met the requirements set out in and have been audited by Global quality Assurance Certification Services.


Zurich City Business School awards

You can achieve a number of different levels in the Zurich City Business School certification and awards process; Certificate, Diploma or Learning Path levels.

A graduate must always be aware of the likelihood of a prospective employer, recruiter, or work colleague challenging them to demonstrate that they hold and can still retain the level of learning that they profess.

Some more traditional educational institutions seem to expect employers to respect the currency of awards even though they may be decades old. A Zurich City Business School award has continued relevance and currency because our students, having been thoroughly schooled in theories and concepts on our programmes, have also been trained in the systematic use of the latest research findings so that they constantly update themselves.