Application Procedure

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Application Procedure

Welcome to the Zurich City Business School online enrolment system. Please read the following instructions carefully.This part requires you to log in to the Zurich City Business School’s Enrolment portal and go through an online process to verify information about yourself and your new program of study.

Getting started

Guidance notes

One of the features, which are mentioned, is at the top of the Menu bar – ‘Add Admission’. Once one clicks on ‘Add Admission’, an Enrolment / Application Form will open which needs to filled up including the specific parameters mentioned on the right hand side of the page such as:

  • Admission Details
  • Next of Kin
  • Disabilities & Learning Requirements
  • Education till date
  • Attachments

Apart from the main Enrolment / Application Form, the parameters mentioned above need to be filled in also. In the ‘Attachments’ particularly, it requires a passport size photo, passport page, latest CV/Resume, Letter of Declaration duly signed, and all appropriate academic attachments. Except for the photograph, which has to be jpg format, all other attachments should be in the PDF format.

Once all these are submitted, it will go through to our Admissions Department which would scrutinize the Enrolment / Application Form and review the case within 24 working hours. After scrutiny, if everything is in order, the approval will be given as a tick in the appropriate box from our end. The ‘Conditional Offer Letter’ can then be downloaded by you.