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Be open to change, innovation and big thinking. To new experiences and diverse perspectives.

Zurich City Business School offers a rich and innovative portfolio of new programme formats, including hybrid, live virtual and online, bringing the true ZCBS experience to our participants in Switzerland and around the world.

With an unrivalled ability to deliver learning globally and on campus in Zurich, we equip individuals, teams and organisations with the skills they need to thrive.

From the inception of the Zurich City Business School, the vision has been that education is for all, not for few. We took into account the economic diversity of students across the globe. We are the first to have implemented fees based on regions. Even within regions we are cognizant of the fact that these fees are overwhelming for some families. As a means of meeting these needs and catering to the reality of such individuals, we established a second idea that our school is global. Individuals who do not have the financial means to travel to Switzerland to study on our campus, which represents a huge portion of the cost, can access exactly the same experience, the same knowledge, and the same expertise through our Global Education League International Study Centre at a local cost.

The response to this aspect of our offering has been immensely positive, indicating that we have offered a product that helps to bridge the gap, helping students of lesser financial means achieve the same quality, wold-class education. In the same vein, as professionals, these students can go on to pursue careers at Fortune 500 companies, brimming with confidence in their training and qualifications, and as per the new-norm of the global workforce, be able to work for highly reputable international companies from anywhere in the world.