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Zürich City Business School’s primary occupation is teaching. Its lecturers are dedicated to quality teaching, which have set highest standards to bring the best out of a student so they excel in their academic discipline as well as professional field. They offer a vibrant learning experience combining theory and practice. Theoretical knowledge combined with faculty’s years of experience and calibrated with the industry standards through live case studies helps students to understand the discipline from altogether a higher vantage point.

Highly qualified individuals are connected with the development and teaching of ZCBS courses. These professionals include professors from various universities, specialized experts and successful business persons. Together with the knowledge and technical support given by members of the faculty, the School’s Academic Council oversees overall quality and academic standards in order to create a learning environment that is inspiring, cooperative and appealing.

ZCBS is responsible for establishing the school’s academic and administrative policy and reviewing its performance. A standard which has been set by the best brains in the field and upgraded and updated at regular intervals to be in sync with the changing commercial needs of the industry.