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Satellite Education Points (SEP)

The scenario of global education in terms of mode of delivery has evolved drastically in the last 25 years. From several children, in third world countries travelling around several miles to attend school to students travelling halfway across the globe for higher education; we at ZCBS today have brought education directly to your doorsteps.

We are aiming at firmly establishing ourselves in almost all the geographies of the world. This will resulted into a world class education of ZCBS right in your region of residence. We at ZCBS believe in transparency and uniform education across all modes of delivery. Thus, whether a student is studying as an international student at Zürich City Business School or at the Satellite Education Points (SEP) in your region, he/she will receive the same education and will have to go through the same testing process to receive your degree.

We pride ourselves in providing the widest range of programs which will not just enable students to have a world class education, but also having a degree which will be recognized in all the academic and professional corridors of the world.