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Vice Chancellor’s Message

Dr Stephen Vickers
Dr Stephen VickersVice Chancellor

Education is the single most important formative influence on contemporary society, in both developing and developed nations. I think it may be said to fashion the mind of the people themselves. It is of crucial importance to the world’s future, which is to your future and mine, and those who shape our future have been quick to recognize the potential inherent in harnessing and directing that crucial force. Our political leaders, our leading industrialists, and educators themselves all acknowledge a new consensus on the future of education for the modern world. Economic success, both national and individual, depends upon learning strategies, and upon coping with, and thriving upon, the dynamism of the modern business environment.

So as I reach out to tell you this, allow me also to welcome you to the information or knowledge age, as it has become known. This is an age of lifelong learning, a time when we must acknowledge and fulfil our potential, lest in ignoring it we fail. Learning is no longer the privilege of a few. It is no longer a self-indulgent pastime, a pleasant way to while away the hours of a life already predetermined by accident of birth. It is a far, far greater thing then that. Today the learning process is an investment in ourselves and in humanity. It is a statement of our self-belief, our will and our preparedness. And we must never ever stop believing in ourselves and in the transformative power of education. On the contrary, we must take responsibility for our own lives, and act now to ensure a successful future.

This is why Zürich City Business School (ZCBS) offers a range of learning opportunities designed to empower students to be successful in their lives. That is also why, at ZCBS we are focused upon delivering success. It is our job to release the potential of every student here, as world citizens, as entrepreneurs and as professionals. You will find that this is quite a cosmopolitan place; we are proud to welcome students from all over the world. Travel is a part of education after all. From my own experience I know that educational relationships form the strongest bonds, and I hope that our bonds with the world are strengthened by every new influx of visitors, and every fresh student intake. That means that we are building something very special indeed.

Perhaps you too are hoping to build for the future. If so, I think we can help. But whatever path you decide to follow, just remember one thing: What you are learning today will create your legacy for tomorrow. Good luck for the future, from all of us here at Zürich City Business School.

Yours Sincerely,