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Vision & Mission


Zürich City Business School (ZCBS) exists for the benefit of our students. Quite simply, we want them to succeed. And not just to succeed here, but to succeed everywhere, and for the rest of their lives. In order to achieve such a goal it is essential that they have the right preparation, the right training. And that is where we come in. We offer an extensive and exciting range of courses throughout the year.

Our courses subscribe to a philosophy of practical application and optimizing their relevance within the workplace. We believe that career pathways become more rewarding, more fruitful, and more flexible as a result of investing commitment in an original qualification from ZCBS.

We are proud of the part we play in our students’ lives; not just in training, but also in helping to shape the way they think. We combine traditional teaching with the latest advances in computerized learning to build the kind of character that thrives in modern dynamic professions. Our success can be seen in the students we produce, their results, careers, and – not least – the memories they take away from here.

Have a look at our objectives. We are committed to providing quality educational programmes to help individuals attain personal and professional goals. Our vocational training is provided in an accessible and economic manner. We are here to help you succeed. ZCBS mission is to assist students to become educated individuals, to achieve their academic and career goals, and to assume responsible roles in a changing world of international cooperation and interdependence.


ZCBS is international in philosophy, development and outlook. Conscious of its unique location, the School strives to enhance opportunities for education and understanding between people of different cultures. ZCBS aims to promote both high academic standards and high principles of character. Students are encouraged to acquire facts and competencies in various skills, as well as to develop cultural awareness, social responsibility, and personal integrity.

Fostering student-teacher involvement in learning is the most important activity at ZCBS. The faculties are encouraged to blend academic knowledge with professional experience inside the classroom and to emphasize a personalized approach to education. Through close interaction with faculty and staff, students are helped to examine their goals, abilities and options for the future.

The School admission policy accommodates students with varied academic abilities and aptitudes – on the condition that students achieve the minimum program requirements to graduate. ZCBS’ programs are modeled on European higher education. The School is committed to maintaining standards, which comply with those of Western higher education in order to provide students with diverse transfer opportunities for further study.


In pursuit of its mission, Zürich City Business School strives to:

  • Offer quality, career-oriented undergraduate programs, graduate studies in select fields, and quality professional programs.
  • Implement the School motto “excellence in education” by encouraging students to strive for excellence in every activity.
  • Remain firmly committed to the economic, social, scientific, and cultural.
  • Recruit and retain qualified faculty and support their development.
  • Encourage research, publications, and creative activity.
  • Enhance student communication, democratic leadership and critical thinking skills.
  • Expand opportunities for professional and social interaction within the School.
  • Develop further as an International School, where Switzerland and international students, faculty, and staff are valued for their cultural diversity.
  • Strengthen facilities, resources, and services to provide a stimulating environment conducive to personal growth, discovery and learning.

Continually review and update programs to keep pace with developments and standards in Western higher education.


Over the next ten years, ZCBS vision is to become one of the World’s leading teaching and learning Institution, renowned for its innovation and research-based practice and exercising its regional, national and international role through an extensive network of locations and partnerships. We will deliver outstanding academic and training programs on our campus in Zürich, enabling those who choose to study at ZCBS to transform their lives and shape their own futures.